Custom music licensing & streaming platform
for business owners all over the globe
Access to more than 100 000 tracks starting from 8 100
  • Free from ASCAP and BMI Royalties/Penalties/Fees
  • Suitable for retail stores, cafes, restaurants, shopping
    malls, fashion boutiques, fitness centers, public institutions
  • 7 Days of Free Service Trial
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Hey DJ! Focus on music
and not on distractions of ASCAP/BMI claims and penalties
1 500
1 document
5 minutes of your time
In the comfort
of your own home
All via
mobile application
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Stream your Content in 200 cities
Receive up to $5 for 2 000 streams
More than Youtube
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For Businesses

Personal solution for streaming
legal and licensed music contnent

For DJs

1 500
performance license
No claims from

About our Service

Easy to integrate
Sync your device
to BUBUKA’s music library
in less than 30 minutes. Agreement & instructions available in the application
Simple & easy
to use
BUBUKA smartphone applications
available on iOS, Android and PC.
Effortless use of service!
Licensed music
& legal protection
Legal support
in court if necessary.
No current, lost cases
“Single window”
Access to personal support staff
that will instatntly answer your questions
Wide variety
of music content
from 100 000 tracks
BUBUKA’s music collection is
growing by 300 to 500
new tracks on monthly basis
& full reports
for right holders
Access to any information on location,
use, quantity, and earning metrics from
streamed content on BUBUKA platform

How it works

7 days of free trial for businesses
& then the magic begins with personalized calculations and lower prices starting from 8 100 ₸ per location
Request a quote
Receive a personal
commercial proposal
within a day
Free trial service
for 7 days
Integration requires only
30 minutes
at no additional costs
Remotely access and
manage your music library
streeaming at any business location(s)
You can download our app and start using our service immediately!
Your music will play in 1 000 places
within 24 hours
Send us
your music content
Review a proposed agreement
with clear guidelines for you
and not only for the lawyers
Sign the agreement
We form your music content
to stream it in 1 500 locations
Track your music
streams in real time
You can download our app and start using our service immediately!
Avoid ASCAP and BMI claim/disputes.
1 500 ₸/performance license
Select your event’s location,
date, and time
Create a track list
for the selected event
Pay 1 500 ₸ with your
preferred payment method
Sign a digital agreement
Music history is always
being saved in case of any claim
issues from ASCAP and BMI.
Focus on the music